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While the use of pharmaceuticals is necessary at times, A Deeper You’s primary focus is a natural and holistic healing and wellness. Using the five-branch method of Paracletos Christian counseling which blends clinical tools with biblical principles infused with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, A Deeper You gets to the root of your issues and helps you to resolve them.


A Deeper You is an empowering therapeutic organization that embraces the concept of healing the overall needs of a person’s mind, soul, and body. Through our various natural holistic healing programs and therapies, our clients are directed on a journey to different techniques of self-healing, which causes a reconnect of clarity in ones’ divine purpose and equips them to rise above life’s storms.


Our approach teaches the importance of fellowship with “The Giver of all Knowledge.” A Deeper You equips God’s children with how to release a domesticated state of consciousness and embrace their true son-ship as a son of God. As clients learn about self-awakening through direct contact with God, many students release inner fears and stumbling blocks that hinder growth.


Natural healing yields many benefits. For instance, when you receive counseling for depression or emotional disturbance, your body stress levels are lowered. Lowered stress levels lead to healthier decisions, and healthier decisions lead to a healthy life and body. A Deeper You wants you to know how to increase energy, find solutions to bothersome health-related conditions, and learn about natural products and practices that deliver wellness to the entire body. You no longer have to live with pain and depression. 


A Deeper You offers a large array of products for your health convenience. Our products are effective, and easy on your budget and lifestyle. While traditional medicine can be useful for some individuals, we promote the body’s natural ability to heal itself.


A Deeper You clients deeply venture into a lifestyle change to a healthy you using our natural holistic healing. If you are ready to live a healthier life with your body, mind, and soul in alignment with God, contact us today. We are here to help.

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Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle 


Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle is a certified Paracletos Christian counselor, educator, entrepreneur, mother, author, radio and television talk show host, community leader, and most of all a devoted and humble servant of God. She was inspired in 2011 to open a personal counseling service known as “A Deeper You” to assist all persons who desire to achieve wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

Dr. Castle teaches the message of oneness. She strives to empower the whole man in a biblical holistic manner. Through her uplifting radio broadcasts or as an engaging lecturer, she encourages the listener to engage in self-discovery. Though she is challenged with limited natural sight, her inner spiritual sight allows her to empower and help others find their paths through life.

Among her accomplishments, she was honored with a Dr. Martin Luther King full scholarship to the University of Central Florida. She was also the recipient of the first Willie Burton Award. She received her bachelor’s degree with high honors from American Intercontinental University with a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Psychological Disorders. Dr. Castle continued to obtain her master’s degree in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Design. 

Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle is a community activist who encourages people to use their unrealized strengths to overcome life challenges. In 2003, under her nonprofit organization, The Agape Resource Collaborative, Inc. (TARC), she established Clean Sweep, which is an inner-city cleanup program. TARC also offered entrepreneurial education and financial literacy programs to communities where she served. Dr. Castle has traveled throughout the country helping community-focused groups to organize and activate community improvement programs such as “Jacob’s Ladders,” an advocacy program for “at-risk youth.” An advocate is paired with youth and their family to achieve educational success.


Dr. Castle has extensively traveled throughout the United States and the West Indies, teaching God’s Word. She spiritually covers churches in Kenya, Nigeria, and Liberia. She has also established churches in Atlanta, Georgia; Sarasota, Florida, and West Palm Beach, Florida, and centers in Charleston, South Carolina, and Baltimore, Maryland. 



Currently, Dr. Castle is pursuing a Doctorate in Philosophy and Counseling with a concentration in Life Coaching from Newburgh College and Seminary, and because of faithful years in ministry, she received an honorary Doctorate in Systematic Theology. Dr. Castle is listed in multiple Marquis Who’s Who, including the Marquis’ Who’s Who in the World 2018.

Additional organization associations: Founder, Yissakar International Learning Centers, CEO Diaspora Historical Heritage Society, USA President International Ministers Fellowship, Director of South Carolina International Women Leadership Association, Member American Association of Christian Counselors.


A mother, an ordained minister, a teacher of the end times Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle is a gifted Paracletos Christian counselor who seeks positive solutions for her clients.


The counseling sessions have really helped us in becoming better spouses. We’ve been working on being more thoughtful in our actions and words towards each other.


We also appreciate that Dr. Castle is straightforward with us and doesn’t beat around the bush with her insight and advice.

Courtney & Mailaika Burley

The counseling services that I received from Dr. Elizabeth Castle have been life-changing! Through it, I have been able to overcome many fears that use to paralyze my life. I am now a more confident and better-balanced individual. I very much appreciated her approach to targeting specific areas at a time.

Matty Decarolis

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Dr. Castle is a gift. She exemplifies major things that are important in life such as, integrity, honesty, authenticity, and love. Her commitment reflects in every word she speaks and is demonstrated in the lives that she changes. God uses her as his instrument. I assure anyone, your life will never be the same after meeting with Dr. Castle. She has been such a blessing to me and my family. She has helped me to see a deeper me and she will help you to see a deeper you.

Natasha Terry-Ulett

I am so thankful for Dr. Elizabeth E. Castle! God has used her in big ways to help me overcome some major obstacles in my life. Her insight, wisdom, and willingness to say hard things WITH LOVE have given me the inspiration to move closer to the great things God has in store for me. She is helping me to see that fear holds me back and that God’s perfect love casts out all fear.

Aurelia Webber